About Veterinary Urgent Care

Veterinary Urgent Care provides fast and affordable medical and surgical veterinary care for cats and dogs when they need it the most. If you are concerned about your pet, just call us or bring them directly to the hospital for evaluation by our veterinary medical team.

Our Mission

We are Houston’s first independently owned animal urgent care facility. We operate to serve the community of Houston and provide affordable urgent care services after hours. We exist to create a safe space for people and animals while providing the community with veterinary care. 

Veterinary Urgent Care was created in November 2021, and we will open a physical practice in September 2022. Our focus is to provide urgent veterinary care when pets need it. We also offer spay/neuter services to continue to combat the pet overpopulation issues in Houston. We love Houston, specifically the East End because it is a diverse, resilient, inspiring community. We feel inspired every day to serve this community and the people and pets who live within it.

Dr. Mackenzie Gallegos has a passion for urgent care medicine and providing veterinary care to underserved populations of pets. She lives in the East End and enjoys all the food and art.

Vet with Cat Exam

Dr. Mackenzie Gallegos

Dr. Mackenzie Gallegos has been practicing for four years. She completed school at Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She enjoys providing timely care for animals in need and educating owners about primary care for their pets. She has a soft spot for geriatric and senior pets, ensuring they are pain-free and comfortable in their golden years. She likes eating food and trying new restaurants, watching movies, and kayaking in her free time. She hopes to visit every Texas State and National park someday.